BACRS: The Bay Area Clinical Research Symposium was held Friday, January 31st, 2020

The Symposium brings together clinical investigators from Stanford, UCSF, Kaiser, and Sutter / CPMC.  Investigators shared their research as an abstract for in posters or oral presentations. The program featured: 

The debate, “Can Big Data replace Randomized Trials?” between Mark Cullen, Head of Population Sciences at Stanford, and Dr. Chuck McCulloch, Chief of Biostatistics at UCSF. 

A special research lecture: Reducing Harm from Overuse of CT scans. Rebecca Smith-Bindman, Professor of Radiology, UCSF.

Awards & prizes for best abstracts included:

Greg Tranah – Best Abstract by a Senior Scientist
“Y Chromosome Maintenance is an Indicator of Health, Lifespan and Vitality”

Jade Benjamin-Chung – Best Oral Abstract by a Junior Scientist
“Risk factors associated with early onset of childhood stunting in low-resource settings”

Bocheng Jing – Best Poster Abstract by a Junior Scientist
“Comparing Traditional Regression Approaches with Machine Learning Approaches for 10-year Mortality Prediction”