Peggy M. Cawthon, PhD, MPH

Associate Scientist, California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute
Phone: 415-476-6084
E-Mail: [email protected]

Box 0560
550 16th Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94158

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California Pacific Medical Center, Research Institute

Dr. Cawthon received a doctorate in epidemiology from University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Cawthon's current research interests include maintaining mobility in old age;sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss); frailty; the decline of physical function with age;and osteoporosis, particularly in older men. Dr. Cawthon has several years of experience managing large, multi-center observational studies. She also oversees the statistical Analyst Group at the Coordinating Center

Research Interests

  • Maintaining mobility in old age
  • The epidemiology of sarcopenia, frailty and age-related physical decline
  • Translational approaches to studying sarcopenia, frailty and age-related physical decline
  • Osteoporosis in men
  • Vitamin D supplementation for the prevention of physical decline

Selected Publications

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  1. Cawthon PM, Marshall LM, Michael Y, Dam TT, Ensrud KE, Barrett-Connor E, Orwoll ES. Frailty in older men: prevalence, progression, and relationship with mortality. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2007 Aug;55(8):1216-23.
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