Over 16 years of prospective data on MrOS Online

The Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MrOS) Study, a study of healthy aging with a focus on osteoporosis and fractures in 5,994 older men 65 years and older, has released over 16 years of prospective data on MrOS Online https://mrosonline.ucsf.edu/.


MrOS Online provides data, documentation, and study procedures from the multi-center MrOS Study.  With over 41,000 variables across seven time points, the MrOS Online database includes:


  • Assessment of falls, fractures, and mortality
  • Performance tests and lifestyle questionnaires
  • Objective and subjective measures of physical activity
  • Data from x-ray images, DXA, QCT, and HRpQCT scans
  • Objective and subjective sleep data from the MrOS Sleep ancillary study (n=3,135)
  • Tracking of cardiovascular events from the MrOS Sleep ancillary study
  • Oral health assessments from the MrOS Dental ancillary visit (n=1,353)
  • Biospecimen data, including serum chemistry, hormones, and cytokines


The online database is available to the public and anyone who registers and accepts the terms of an online data use agreement can download or explore study data. Please note that only a subset of datasets from the MrOS archives are currently available online. Additional datasets will be publicly released in the near future.


The NIA blog/announcement can be found here: