Dr. Cummings ranked top author in field of osteoporosis with Scientific Quality Index (SQI)

Authors W. Pluskiewicz1, B. Drozdzowska, P. Adamczyk, K. Noga

Partial Abstract:

Summary The study presents the research output of 40 globally top-ranked authors, publishing in the field of osteoporosis. Their hindex is compared with the Scientific Quality Index (SQI), a novel indicator. Using SQI, 92.5% of the authors changed their initial positions in the general ranking. SQI partially depends on bibliometric measures different from those influencing h-index and may be considered as an assessment tool, reflecting more objective, qualitative, rather than quantitative, features of individual scientific output. Purpose The study approaches the research output of 40 globally top-ranked authors in the field of osteoporosis. Methods The assessed authors were identified in the Scopus database, using the key word Bosteoporosis^ and the h-index data, collected during the last decade (2008–2017). The data, concerning the scientific output, expressed by the h-index, were compared with a novel indicator of scientific quality—called the Scientific Quality Index (SQI). SQI is calculated according to the following formula: Parameter No. 1 + Parameter No. 2, where: Parameter No. 1 (the percent of papers cited ≥ 10 times) the number of papers cited ≥ 10 times (excluding self-citations and citations of all co-authors) is divided by the number of all the published papers (including the papers with no citation) × 100%, Parameter No. 2 (the mean number of citations per paper) the total number of citations (excluding self citations and citations of all co-authors) divided by the number of all published papers (including papers with no citation).

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